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Application Development and Training Center

A unique environment for customers to conduct testing, demonstrations, and training in state-of-the-art Nordson adhesive and sealant applications

Launched in 2018, our Application Development and Training Center offers an array of amenities and space to reflect Nordson's investment in the continued growth of our cold materials dispensing and automotive assembly markets:

  • Four Fanuc robots
  • Three customer labs: aerospace, automotive, and general industry (with electric battery demonstration) 
  • Customer Experience Center: collaborative environment with meeting spaces and product showcases

Equipment Showcase
Nordson's equipment capabilities are demonstrated, showcasing achievable speeds, flow rates, volumetric accuracies, and more.

Material Testing
Pumpability testing is available for any material, whether supplied directly by material suppliers or end users. Pumpability testing often involves observing the material's ability to flow through dispensing equipment at specific speeds and ensuring the equipment and/or material do not get damaged.

Chemical compatibility testing is used to prove new or unknown materials are compatible with all components of the dispensing equipment. The resulting data helps determine if materials or equipment need modification before production, and ensures long-term health to all equipment.

Life testing is necessary with materials where fillers can be highly abrasive. Tests can be set up to determine wear areas on components and longevity of each unit. With better data at a customer's disposal, decisions on material selection, as well as preventative maintenance, can be better.

Component Testing
Customers are encouraged to bring in their own components, and Nordson's qualified robot programmers can establish complex bead paths and identify potential application challenges before actual installation or programming on the assembly line.

quipment Training
Maintenance workers can get hands-on experience with new equipment before a line goes live, allowing a maintenance team to be up-to-date and well-prepared for system installation.