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Food Processing and Packaging

Nordson EFD solutions optimize food packaging and processing manufacturing with a range of precision filling, automated dispensing, and spray valve systems.

Our aseptic valves incorporate FDA-approved wetted materials, which are both Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-Place (SIP). Our filling systems provide accurate shot sizes, uniform fill volumes, and drip-free cutoff, all of which reduce waste, spillage, cleanup costs, and product rejects.

Coating solutions from Nordson EFD provide even, consistent coverage, controlled application, and timed or steady operation. Our lubrication solutions keep food from sticking to blades and conveyor belts. EFD's automated dispensing systems improve chocolate figurine and other food-based manufacturing.

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754V Aseptic Valves

Nordson EFD 754V Aseptic Valve Dispensing Lens Solution Nordson EFD's 754V aseptic dispense valve features a smooth fluid flow path that is free of any entrapment areas. FDA-compliant wetted parts make the valve suitable for CIP (Clean-In-Place) and SIP…

725HF High Flow Piston Valves

Nordson EFD 725HF High Flow Valve Filling Paint Bottles

The 725HF Series high flow piston valve fills small bottles, foil packs, and other packaging with absolute accuracy at up to 450 ml per second.

781S General Purpose Spray Valves

Nordson EFD 781S Spray Valve The 781S Series general purpose spray valve provides exceptional control for reliable, consistent coatings of low- to medium-viscosity fluids using Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology.