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Animal Health

Nordson EFD provides advanced packaging and controlled drug delivery systems for animal health products worldwide. Industry-leading, disposable Dial-A-Dose® and Posi-Dose® dosing syringes are known for accuracy and reliability.

EFD leverages more than 50 years of precision molding experience to deliver high-quality, leak-free, easy-to-fill drug delivery syringes for veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. Each syringe is molded from 100% FDA-approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and polypropylene (PP) resins.

Our primary packaging for animal health products come in a wide range of sizes and nozzles for nearly any type of application from oral to topical to intramammary. An innovative, self-venting feature molded into the dosing syringe prevents air entrapment, ensuring each dose is reliable and accurate. A unique “lead-in” aid accommodates high-speed filling by simplifying the plunger insertion process.

Dial-A-Dose and Posi-Dose syringes provide a customizable solution to tailor multiple doses based on treatment requirements specified by animal health pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. Posi-Dose features a nozzle-free design for positive confirmation that every dose is completely administered.

Custom designs, nozzles, sizes, colors, in-mold labeling, and plunger hot stamping for specific dosing calibrations are also available.




Animal Health Disposable Dosing Syringes

One-component (1K) Dial-A-Dose® and Posi-Dose® disposable dosing syringes used as the primary packaging and drug delivery of creams, gels, liquids, and pastes in the animal health industry. Nordson EFD offers best-in-class Dial-A-Dose® and Posi-Dose® one-component (1K) disposable dosing syringes used for primary packaging and drug delivery of creams, gels, and pastes in the…