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745NC Square Wave Non-Contact Dispense Valves

The 745NC Square Wave™ high-speed, non-contact dispense valve applies controlled amounts of liquid flux on cell bus bars and solder-coated ribbon used in the photovoltaic (PV) and other industries. 

Used in cell string attachment, the 745NC’s innovative solenoid technology allows it to connect PV wafers at cycle rates up to 500Hz with volume output as small as 0.15 µl. It features a lightweight, low-maintenance, compact design for easy end-of-arm installation.

Non-contact dispensing eliminates the need for Z-axis motion. The integrated solenoid minimizes process variation. High cycle speeds create dot-to-dot “stitching” that flows together to form a continuous line.

The Square Wave valve delivers the precise, fast, repeatable dispensing needed to increase production throughput and yields when manufacturing PV wafers and other products.


  • Actuation speeds as low as 2 ms
  • Small wetted path minimizes fluid waste
  • Adjustable fluid flow
  • Positive shutoff

Compatible Fluids

  • Water-soluble liquid flux
  • Solvent-based liquid flux

The complete system includes the 745NC valve,ValveMate™ 8000 controller (only works with 4 W solenoid valve), and fluid reservoir. Integrate with an EFD automated dispensing system for even faster throughput.