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HSS Spray Systems

Nordson EFD offers two-component (2K) high solid spraying solutions for pipe coating, manhole restoration, and other industrial applications with our HSS Spray System.

The complete HSS Spray System includes a lightweight HSS dispense gun, an adjustable HSS dispense gun regulator, and a variety of atomizing static mixer assemblies. Various spray nozzles form round, flat, and angled patterns.

This innovative adhesive dispensing system uses our Film-Pak®, Ratio-Pak® and Side x Side cartridges for meter mix and spraying of two-component high solid coatings, adhesives, paint, and liners. It handles cartridges with a 1:1 to 10:1 ratio.

The system can be used in a variety of industrial spraying applications, including low- to high-viscosity fluids. It’s ideal for truck bed liners, pipe coating, manhole restoration, marine repair, roofing, and other maintenance and touch-up applications.


  • Patented spray manifold / static mixer assembly for complete material mixing and atomization
  • Control of air flow, volume, and pressure to easily adjust spray patterns for any job
  • Lightweight, portable design that makes it easy to switch cartridges

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