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Film-Pak Cartridges

Collapsible Film-Pak® cartridges provide a sustainable, eco-friendly option for packaging and dispensing two-component fluids such as industrial adhesives and sealants.

Innovative, collapsible film-based technology allows this cartridge to compress into a unique lid as fluids are dispensed. Seven fully-compressed Film-Pak cartridges replace one rigid Side x Side cartridge in landfills — reducing packaging waste volume by more than 85%.

Film-Pak cartridges deliver the same quality mix performance while significantly lowering disposal costs for end users. They also reduce the carbon footprint — supporting corporate sustainability initiatives.

In addition, Film-Pak is compatible with a wide range of standard static mixers and two-component (2K) dispense guns and spray systems when using a reusable rigid retainer with integrated plungers. Specialized dispense guns designed with built-in Film-Pak retainers are also available.

Film-Pak’s advanced multi-layer film preserves the shelf life stability of packaged fluids. The film is also inert to most fluids, making it easier for fluid formulators to streamline inventory of 2K cartridges. Each layer of film packaging is integrally bonded to the unique Film-Pak lid to prevent fluid from leaking.

Resealable nozzle outlets allow users to store two-part fluids for later use, reducing fluid waste. Fast, easy filling is possible through the nozzle outlet for low-viscosity fluids or through unique port holes in Film-Pak lids for high-viscosity fluids.

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