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Syringe Barrels & Cartridges

Nordson EFD Optimum Barrels and Cartridges FilledNordson EFD's syringe barrels and cartridge systems set the standard for quality, consistency, and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry.



Each EFD dispensing component is designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves production yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable results possible.

Components are molded from proprietary materials that provide superior strength and exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility with a wide variety of assembly fluids in applications involving contact, non-contact, and two-component (2K) dispensing.

In addition, EFD certifies that no silicone mold-release agents are used at anytime during molding or production processes. All dispensing components are produced in the United States and are designed and quality tested to meet industrial use standards.


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Ultimus™ IV Positive Displacement Dispensers

Nordson EFD

Electronically-operated benchtop fluid dispensing control for general applications.

Ultimus™ IV Series Dispensers Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Data sheet for Ultimus™ IV Series Dispensers including fluids used, features and specifications.

Syringe Barrel End Caps & Tip Caps

Nordson EFD

Optimum® tip caps and end caps provide an airtight seal that allow you to pre-fill syringe barrels to save time or seal partially-used syringes between shifts to reduce waste.  


Nordson EFD

Unity HiTemp Syringe Barrels Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

For use with fluids at temperatures up to 180° C. Nordson EFD’s disposable Unity™ HiTemp™ syringe barrels provide a cost effective alternative to syringes commonly used in pneumatic dispensing of hot…

Dispensing Components Work Together to Reduce Costs

Nordson EFD

7 June 2017 Fluid dispensing 101: The benefits of an integrated system.

ProcessMate™ 5000 Universal Centrifuge

Nordson EFD

Quickly and efficiently remove entrapped air from fluid packaged in syringes with the benchtop ProcessMate 5000 Universal Centrifuge.

Ultimus I-II™ Series Dispensing Workstation: Barrel Holders Instructions

Nordson EFD

Flex Arm (#7017105) and Stiff Arm (#7017113) Barrel Holders Instructions

Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD Optimum® ESD-safe black dispensing components prevent static buildup when dispensing adhesives, pastes, coatings, and other assembly fluids used in electronics manufacturing.

Equalizer™ 2K Dispensing Tool Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

The pneumatically-operated Equalizer tool accurately dispenses two-component (2K) materials packaged in Nordson EFD 50 mL 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratio cartridges.

Optimum Systems Poster

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD Optimum® Systems: The standard in fluid dispensing.

Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD’s Optimum® ESD-safe black dispensing components prevent static buildup when dispensing adhesives, pastes, coatings, and other assembly fluids used in manufacturing electronic products.

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