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Syringe Barrels & Cartridges

Nordson EFD Optimum Barrels and Cartridges FilledNordson EFD's syringe barrels and cartridge systems set the standard for quality, consistency, and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry.



Each EFD dispensing component is designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves production yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable results possible.

Components are molded from proprietary materials that provide superior strength and exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility with a wide variety of assembly fluids in applications involving contact, non-contact, and two-component (2K) dispensing.

In addition, EFD certifies that no silicone mold-release agents are used at anytime during molding or production processes. All dispensing components are produced in the United States and are designed and quality tested to meet industrial use standards.


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BaitGun® User's Guide

Nordson EFD

Step-by-step User's Guide for filling and operating the BaitGun® pest control system, including list of accessories.


Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD provides a complete line of 2K modular metal valves that can be easily disassembled and cleaned after mixing. Here are steps to help you select the best possible 2K meter mix system.

PROPlus / PRO Series Automated Dispensing Systems Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

A complete, vision-guided automation solution. Nordson EFD’s vision-guided PROPlus / PRO Series automated systems are specifically designed and configured for precise fluid dispensing using EFD…

7 Critical Steps to Implement Semi-Automation to your Dispensing Process - White Paper

Nordson EFD

White paper discusses the concept of automating dispensing processes. Includes what processes to consider automating, evaluation procedures, system design, pilot testing and implementation.

xQR41 Series MicroDot Needle Valve Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the xQR41 MicroDot™ needle valve, including specifications, operation, installation, calibration, service, and replacement parts.

Life Sciences Solutions Guide: Recommendations for High Performance Dispensing

Nordson EFD

Recommendations for High Performance Dispensing in the Life Sciences Industry. EFD’s advanced fluid dispensing systems apply accurate, consistent amounts of UV-cure adhesives, cyanoacrylates,…

741MD-SS Series Dispense Valve Installation Guide

Nordson EFD

Installation procedure for the 741MD-SS valve. Includes valve specifications.

ValveMate 9000 Controller Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the 9000 dispensing valve controller. Includes controller specifications, features and setup.

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