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Unity HiTemp Syringe Barrels

Unity™ HiTemp™ syringe barrels feature proprietary materials that maintain integrity for hot melt adhesive dispensing at high temperatures for up to eight hours.

These 30cc capacity disposable barrels are designed for use with hot melt adhesives at temperatures up to 180° C (356° F). They are compatible with Nordson’s Unity IC Series and Unity PURJet™ 30 systems, as well as with standard industry hot melt dispensers.

Unity HiTemp barrels deliver more reliable, repeatable dispensing in addition to reducing downtime and cost of ownership.

Types of Unity Syringe Barrels

Opaque Extreme HiTemp Barrels

These barrels withstand 180° C (356° F) at up to 100 psi (7 bar). They can be used with polyamides and other types of hot melt materials.

Clear HiTemp Barrels

These syringe barrels withstand 125° C (257° F) at up to 87 psi (6 bar). They can be used with all hot melt adhesives, including moisture sensitive polyurethanes (PURs) and Silyl Modified Polymers (SMPs).

Clear HiTemp Tapered Barrels

These tapered barrels withstand 125° C (257° F) at up to 87 psi (6 bar). The tapered design allows the barrel to fit industry standard heater blocks and can be used with the same fluids listed above.

Unity barrels accept EFD metal dispense tips, Unity adapters, and end caps. An Extreme HiTemp tip cap is available for applications above 125° C.


Part Numbers

Unity HiTemp Syringe Barrels
Part # Description Color Qty
7360475 30cc HiTemp syringe barrel Clear 20
7360473 30cc Extreme HiTemp syringe barrel White 20
7363794 30cc HiTemp Tapered syringe barrel Clear 20
7360452 Extreme HiTemp tip cap White 50
7015825 Tip cap Blue 50
7364073 Stemmed tip cap Orange 50
7363885 Unity end cap Blue 20
7362348 30cc Unity adapter assembly 3ft tubing Blue 1
7362347 30cc Unity adapter assembly 6ft tubing Blue 1