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u-TAH Nano

The u-TAH® Nano is a revolutionary single-use packaging system for mixing and applying two-component “paste-paste” materials with greater precision and ease than others used in the healthcare market.

The cartridge system works with existing Centrix®-type dispensers already owned by most dentists and healthcare professionals, making it a convenient choice.

Our u-TAH Nano also addresses the complex handling requirements, technique-dependent results, and expensive dedicated dispensers historically associated with two-component chemistries. The unit-dose system makes dispensing two-component materials as easy as dispensing one-component materials.

Available in multiple sizes, the u-TAH Nano cartridges and mixers support most single-use dental applications. The amount of force required to dispense viscous materials is substantially less than with traditional automix devices.


  • Compatible with existing “Centrix” type dispensers
  • Superior ergonomics and mechanical advantage
  • Accurate and consistent 1:1 and 10:1 ratio dispensing and static mixing
  • Single-use for minimal risk of cross-contamination
  • Low retained waste

Common Applications

  • Two-component dental materials
  • Two-component surgical sealants and adhesives
  • Audiology impression materials
  • Orthopedic cements