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Ratio-Pak Cartridges

Nordson EFD offers a wide range of versatile snap-together dual cartridges for fluid packaging and dispensing two-component (2K) materials such as foams, coatings, potting compounds, and other adhesives and sealants.

Ratio-Pak® cartridges come in a variety of sizes and have the ability to snap together to combine multiple ratios. The unique, patented design allows end users to choose any ratio that their material may require, all the way up to 25:1. It also streamlines the filling process for fluid formulators, providing significant time and cost savings.

The ability to fill a Ratio-Pak cartridge through the nozzle or the back side of the cartridge makes it ideal for automated filling operations.

Ratio-Pak snap-together cartridges work with a number of static mixers for two-component materials with high to low viscosities, and are compatible with a wide range of two-part dispensers and dual cartridge dispense guns.

For all available options see specifications outlined in the data sheet. If you need one-piece 2K cartridges, view our full line of Side x Side cartridges for two-component fluids.

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