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SolderPlus Dispensing Paste

When joints are needed but printing is not possible, Nordson EFD’s premium dispensing solder paste supports a wider array of applications with formulations created for specific uses.

In addition to the standard pastes offered by other suppliers, EFD provides specialized formulations for low-temperature and high-temperature reflow and leaded and lead-free alloys in all flux types and alloy particle sizes.

Whether soldering electrical connections in recessed areas on PCBs or tabbing and stringing solar cells, EFD makes pastes that exceed soldering expectations. EFD also makes solder pastes designed specifically for jetting at high speeds with the Liquidyn® P-Jet SolderPlus jetting system. For contact dispensing applications, EFD offers the reliable 794 and 794-TC Series auger valves.

To help customers find the right solder paste, our formulations are available in different categories called “families.” Each family contains the characteristics needed to produce optimal results in specific applications.

SolderPlus® Families

  • Clear residue
  • Difficult-to-solder surfaces
  • Enhanced wetting
  • Extended reflow cycle times (> 6 min.)
  • Fine pitch
  • Gap filling and/or vertical surfaces
  • General purpose
  • Halide-free
  • Lead-free shiny fillet
  • Low residue
  • Pin transfer or dipping (low viscosity)
  • Rapid reflow cycle time (< 5 sec.)
  • Reduced slump
  • Restricted residue
  • UV-traceable