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PrintPlus Printing Paste

Nordson EFD’s print paste is the industry leader in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) applications. Our batch-to-batch consistency helps reduce defects and eliminate the need for rework.

PrintPlus® glides smoothly over stencils, filling the apertures without voids and leaving virtually no slumps or drips. It is available in different alloys, alloy particle sizes, and flux types — including lead-free formulations.

Whether you’re soldering to stainless steel or assembling a flex circuit, EFD printing paste’s long stencil life, good print transfer efficiency, and high speed printing make it the world leader in quality.

To better assist customers in finding the right solder pastes, our formulations are available in different categories called “families.” Each family contains the characteristics needed to produce optimal results in specific applications.

PrintPlus Families

  • 24-hour print life
  • Clear residue
  • Difficult-to-solder surfaces
  • Enhanced wetting
  • Extended reflow cycle times (> 6 min.)
  • Fine pitch
  • General purpose
  • Halide-free
  • Lead-free shiny fillet
  • Reduced slump
  • Restricted residue