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Pest Control Systems

Nordson EFD Original BaitGun

As a lead supplier in the pest control industry, Nordson EFD offers durable, reliable BaitGun® Systems for fast, efficient paste and gel bait insecticide applications.

EFD also offers fluid packaging services and a complete 2K product line for mixing and dispensing two-component materials.


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PICO® Valve Cleaning Station Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Data sheet for the PICO® jet valve cleaning station. Includes specifications and nozzle pate cleaning instructions.

Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders

Nordson EFD

Ideal for dispensing high-viscosity adhesives and sealants at ambient temperatures, the Nordson EFD Rhino Bulk Unloader provides superior flow properties and ease of operation.

787MS MicroSpray™ Valves

Nordson EFD

The 787MS-SS MicroSpray valve’s innovative design incorporates a small gauge disposable dispensing tip to apply a precise, uniform spray pattern more than 30% smaller than standard spray valves. 

Laser Light Barrier Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the Laser Light Barrier accessory including specifications, installation, technical data and replacement parts.

Automated Fluid Dispensing: 7 Critical Steps to Implement Semi-Automation to your Dispensing Process White Paper

Nordson EFD

White paper discusses the concept of automating dispensing processes. Includes what processes to consider automating, evaluation procedures, system design, pilot testing and implementation.

How to Choose the Right Dispensing Needle

Nordson EFD

15 November 2017 Sometimes focusing on the smallest aspect of an assembly process can deliver big returns.

Liquidyn P-Jet Series Pneumatic Jet Valve Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

High-precision micro-dispensing: stable, accurate, fast and flexible. The Liquidyn® P-Jet is a high performance jet valve designed for the non-contact micro-dispensing of low- to medium-viscosity…

2-Part Epoxy: Fluid Dispenser vs. Meter Mix System

Nordson EFD

27 June 2018 Pros and cons of 2-part epoxy dispensing equipment for your application.

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