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Pest Control Systems

Nordson EFD Original BaitGun

As a lead supplier in the pest control industry, Nordson EFD offers durable, reliable BaitGun® Systems for fast, efficient paste and gel bait insecticide applications.

EFD also offers fluid packaging services and a complete 2K product line for mixing and dispensing two-component materials.


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Optimum Syringe Barrels

Nordson EFD

Optimum® syringe barrels feature ZeroDraft™ walls with consistent internal diameters that maintain an airtight seal with pistons to ensure accurate, consistent fluid deposits. 

2K 600mL Dispense Guns with Built-In Retainers Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Manual and pneumatic 2K dispense guns with built-in aluminum retainers are used for the dispensing of filled Film‑Pak® collapsible cartridges

New Solder Paste Jetting System from Nordson EFD Provides Fast, Repeatable Non-Contact Dispensing

Nordson EFD

Jet valve designed to work with EFD SolderPlus solder paste delivers precise, repeatable deposits at faster speeds for increased productivity in electronics assembly processes.

Innovative Dispensing Solutions Showcased in New Nordson EFD Catalog

Nordson EFD

The Seventh Edition of Engineered Fluid Dispensing is available in print, online, and mobile apps

Nordson EFD Launches New Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components for High-End Electronics

Nordson EFD

Designed for extremely precise, repeatable micro-deposits without static buildup – protecting fragile electronic components and minimizing costly rejects.

SolderPlus Dispensing Paste from Nordson EFD Provides a More Reliable, Convenient Solution for RFID Bonding Applications

Nordson EFD

Applying a specialized solder paste formula can improve production yields while saving time and reducing costs

Setup Wizard for Vision-Guided Dispensing Robots

Nordson EFD

26 July 2018 Find out how EFD's proprietary automated dispensing software wizard works.

615DT/626DT Series Reservoirs Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the 15DT/626DT series fluid reservoirs including specifications and maintenance.

How to Select the Right Piston for Your Fluid

Nordson EFD

28 June 2019 Choosing the right piston can improve your process. Learn more.

Performus™ I Dispenser Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

For operator-controlled dispensing applications that do not require a timed shot. Nordson EFD’s Performus™ dispensers increase throughput, improve yields, and reduce production costs through…

ValveMate 7197PCP-2K Controller Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Touchscreen programming of 797PCP-2K progressive cavity pumps

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