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Pest Control Systems

Nordson EFD Original BaitGun

As a lead supplier in the pest control industry, Nordson EFD offers durable, reliable BaitGun® Systems for fast, efficient paste and gel bait insecticide applications.

EFD also offers fluid packaging services and a complete 2K product line for mixing and dispensing two-component materials.


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Nordson EFD Introduces Unity HiTemp Disposable Syringe Barrels that Withstand up to 180° C for Eight Hours

Nordson EFD

The 30cc barrels produce more reliable, repeatable hot melt dispensing with a lower cost of ownership and less material waste.

16 Ways EFD Dispenses Joy in Manufacturing

Nordson EFD

4 December 2018 Find out how EFD dispenses joy in manufacturing and our local communities.

High Solid Spray (HSS) System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

High solid spray system for coating applications. The HSS Spray System is an innovative dispensing system using EFD Ratio-Pak®, Film-Pak®, and Side x Side cartridges for meter mix and spraying of…

Performus™ I Dispensing System | User’s Guide | Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the Performus™ I Dispensing System including specifications, features and controls, setup and replacement parts list.

1-Liter and 5-Liter Digital Series Reservoirs Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for 1-Liter and 5-Liter digital tank series including Specifications, Replacement Parts, Pressure Relief, Setup, Refilling, Battery, Wetted Materials, Troubleshooting, Maintenance

Film-Pak Cartridge Systems Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Sustainable film-based cartridges for two-component (2K) materials. Nordson EFD Film-Pak® cartridge systems represent the future of sustainable, eco-friendly two-component fluid packaging.

Dial-A-Dose Industrial Syringes Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Single and multi deposit products for Fluid Packaging. Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of disposable syringes used for packaging sealants and adhesives for dispensing applications in the…

Ultimus IV Series Dispensers Operating Manual

Nordson EFD

Operating manual for the Ultimus™ IV series dispensing system. Includes specifications, features, and controls and setup.

High Speed Piezoelectric Jet Valves Offer New Modular Dispensing Solutions - White Paper

Nordson EFD

The intersection of piezoelectric jetting technology with the modular, exchangeable dispense jet valve creates a whole new dynamic in manufacturing flexibility and versatility.

Accessories, Kits & Auxiliary Equipment

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD accessories, kits, and auxiliary equipment make specific tasks and applications easier to accomplish with a greater degree of precision.


Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD provides precision dispensing solutions for nearly every type of fluid used in your assembly process. Find the best equipment based on the type of fluid you’re dispensing by selecting…

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