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Original BaitGun

The original BaitGun® System is the preferred choice for the application of paste and gel baits. The BaitGun provides total application control in both for precise deposits and crack and crevice fill.

The original BaitGun gives you total application control of all paste and gel baits. A high-leverage trigger mechanism applies bait with minimum effort and no hand fatigue. You control dots and stripes with a pull of the trigger. The disposable reservoir system virtually eliminates regular maintenance.

The original BaitGun is designed for use with both paste and gel bait products. This rugged insecticide applicator can be used with all major prepackaged cockroach and ant baits worldwide.


  • 10:1 trigger leverage ratio for ease of dispensing fluids
  • Precise deposits eliminate waste
  • No drooling or dripping of bait after releasing trigger
  • Easy trigger motion avoids hand fatigue
  • Rugged alloy construction
  • Can be used with all baits


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