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MC800 Continuous Lubrication Systems

Designed for continuous lubrication, Nordson EFD’s MicroCoat® MC800 Series system eliminates oil waste. Configure up to eight valves independently. 

The MC800 Continuous Lubrication System uses Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology to evenly coat stock as narrow as 1" and as wide as 48" without the overspray of airless spray systems.

This creates a healthier work environment while eliminating oil waste by as much as 90%. The system's modular design makes configuration and maintenance simple. Switch one or multiple oils in minutes. Mount valves above or below the stock to meet different application requirements.

Features and benefits

  • An expandable, modular system for wide stock
  • Even, uniform coverage from top to bottom
  • Flexible oil feed from tanks, pumps, central systems, etc.
  • Instant, on-the-fly oil coating adjustments


  • High-speed stamping
  • Cooling fin forming
  • Fabric coating
  • Foil rolling
  • Coil stock slitting