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MC781 Pulsed Lubrication System

Apply a fine, uniform coating of lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, and release agents from any angle with the MicroCoat® MC781 Pulsed Lubrication System from Nordson EFD.

Designed to provide precise, consistent applications of low- to high-viscosity lubricants, the MC781 reduces oil use while making metal forming or die casting operations safer. Better control also maintains cleaner parts.

Coat stock up to 6” wide or for wider stock use multiple systems. System configuration includes a lubricant reservoir, one or more valves, and a valve controller.

Features and Benefits

  • Oil savings up to 90%
  • Pulsed or steady lubrication
  • Versatility to handle different fluid viscosities
  • Reliable, low-maintenance lubrication
  • Flexible feed from tanks, pumps, central systems, and other reservoirs


  • In-die lubrication
  • Blanks, sheet, or coil-fed stock
  • Drawing, piercing, and crimping
  • Pulsed lubrication (up to 300x/minute)
  • Tube forming

“The MicroCoat has increased die life 50%, reduced maintenance and downtime, and given us greater production capacity. Plus, part consistency is dramatically better.”

-Dennis Herdegen, Vice President of Manufacturing, ETCO Inc.