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Liquidyn P-Dot Series Jetting Valves

Designed for thicker medium-viscosity to highly viscous materials, the pneumatically actuated Liquidyn® P-Dot jet valve provides very precise, repeatable jetting in the form of dots, beads, and lines.

With extremely short triggering intervals of less than 1 ms, it is possible to accurately apply small amounts of viscous fluids. Deposit volumes range from 3 nL to 200 nL and can be dispensed at frequencies up to 150Hz.

The Liquidyn P-Dot features interchangeable dispensing nozzles, tappets, and fluid inlet fittings, which make it easy to adapt for exacting application requirements. Wetted parts separate from the actuator simplify service and maintenance.

The valve’s rigorously-tested design makes it able to withstand highly-industrial environments. It also has a low cost of ownership.


  • Highly precise, consistent jetting of medium- to high-viscosity materials
  • Separate wetted parts and interchangeable components allow for quick, easy maintenance and adaptability for exacting application requirements
  • Deposit volumes ranging from 3 nL to 200 nL at dispensing frequencies up to 150Hz

Compatible Fluids

  • Adhesives
  • Lacquers
  • Oils/greases
  • Silicones
  • Fluxes

The complete system includes the Liquidyn P-Dot, Liquidyn V200 controller, and fluid reservoir. The valve can be operated using either a Liquidyn V200 valve controller or a customer-supplied PLC.

Also available, the Liquidyn P-Jet jet valve delivers very accurate, repeatable micro-deposits of low- to medium-viscosity fluids at up to 280Hz. For solder paste jetting, the Liquidyn P-Jet SolderPlus jetting system is designed specifically to jet specialized Nordson EFD solder paste, providing a complete system that streamlines implementation.


Part Numbers

Liquidyn P-Dot Series Jetting Valves
Part # Description Specification
7825002 Liquidyn P-Dot CT Actuator Suitable for medium- to high-viscosity fluids with cycle rates of up to 150Hz.