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Nordson EFD Atlas Barrel FillerOperators fill cartridges and syringe barrels in a fast, consistent, and cost-effective way with Atlas™ filling systems from Nordson EFD.

Our Atlas cartridge filling system eliminates rework and overfills by providing accurate, repeatable fillings of 2.5 oz to 32 oz cartridges. 


  • Consistent fill weights
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Easy setup, cleanup, and maintenance

Our automatic and manual Atlas syringe filling systems provide a quick, easy way to transfer greases, silicones, and other non-pourable fluids from cartridge systems and bulk fluid reservoirs into 3cc to 55cc syringe barrels.


  • Repeat fill accuracy
  • Easy operation
  • Simple setup and cleanup

The 8000BF Series automatic syringe fillers also feature built-in controls that prevent spillage or air entrapment, positive cutoffs, high-speed fill rates, easy adjustment for any volume. 

Interested in learning more about EFD's Optimum® components? Look at our cartridges and syringe barrels.


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50mL Cartridge System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Data sheet for the 50mL Cartridge including materials used, features, specifications and system recommendations.

Mikros™ Dispense Pen System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

The Mikros™ pen system minimizes waste and improves fluid control in critical fluid application processes. Designed for use with air-powered dispensers, the Mikros pen consistently applies 2-part…

ProcessMate™ 100 Vacuum Pick-Up System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Data sheet for the ProcessMate™ 100 vacuum pick up system. Includes features and specifications.

7860C-RS Radial Spinner System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD’s radial spinner system makes it easy to apply neat, consistent bands of low-to medium-viscosity fluids inside cylindrical parts between 10 mm and 127 mm (0.4 in. and 5 in.) in diameter.

Ultimus IV Dispensing System Syringe Barrel Attachment Guide

Nordson EFD

Syringe barrel attachment guide for Ultimus IV series positive displacement dispensing system.

EC Declaration of Conformity - MC800 MicroCoat Lubrication System

Nordson EFD

EC Declaration of Conformity for MC800 MicroCoat Lubrication System

MicroCoat® System Press Air Solenoid Setup Guide

Nordson EFD

To provide proper air distribution and control, a press air solenoid must be connected to the MicroCoat® control air input.

Liquidyn P-Jet SolderPlus Jetting System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Comprehensive solder paste jetting solution with high repeatability and accuracy, The Liquidyn® P-Jet SolderPlus® is a high performance jet valve system designed for the non-contact micro-dispensing…

PICO Pμlse® and Toμch™ System Quick Start Guid

Nordson EFD

Quick Start Guide for the PICO Pμlse® and Toμch™ system.

Automated Dispensing System Accessories Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

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