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Brush Tips

Ideal for spreading glues and greases, our high-quality nylon 6/12 brush dispense tips come with either soft or stiff bristles to meet your application needs.

Optimum® brush tips deliver unparalleled performance and are designed and tested to meet industrial-use standards. They are manufactured in Nordson EFD’s silicone-free facility in the USA.

EFD soft brush tips are filled with the highest quality natural nylon 6/12 (0.003” diameter level). Our stiff brush tips are filled with the highest quality black nylon 6/12 (0.006” diameter level).

Nylon 6/12 is known for its strength and wear resistance.

Part Numbers

Brush Tips
50.8 mm (2") length Style Qty/Box
Standard High Flow
7022730 7022731 soft bristle 50
7015351 7015467 stiff bristle 50