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ValveMate Volumetric Pump Controllers

Intuitive touchscreen control of 797PCP Series progressive cavity pumps for precise adjustments of volumetric dispensing parameters at your fingertips.

Nordson EFD’s ValveMate 7197PCP controllers allow operators to choose between Line, Volume, Weight, or Timed programming modes from an easy-to-use, high-resolution touchscreen interface. This allows for flexible programming of 797PCP volumetric pumps at factory workstations.

This 7197PCP controller can be used to meet a wide range of application requirements with deposit volume accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1%. Advanced features, such as a calibration function, provide more precise dispensing at initial setup and after adjustments.

The ability to change the pump’s rotor speed when dispensing a line around corners allows users to achieve industry-leading process control.

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies pump setup and operation at the workstation
  • Line, Volume, Weight, and Timed modes allow for exact adjustment of dispensing parameters
  • Ethernet compatibility supports Smart Factory integration
  • Programmable suck-back provides a clean cut-off for more accurate dispensing

Compatible Pumps

Part Numbers

ValveMate PCP Pump Controllers
Part # Description For use with
7364076 ValveMate 7197PCP Controller 797PCP Pumps