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ValveMate Radial System Controllers

Nordson EFD’s ValveMate™ 7160RA radial system controllers provide built-in regulators to ensure high nozzle air efficiency without overspray. 

These controllers provide precision in both nozzle air and drive motor controls when used with our 782RA radial spray valves and 7860C-RS radial spinner valve systems. Unique microprocessor circuitry provides precise control of nozzle air, valve open time, and drive motor control solenoid.

Features include digital readout of spray on-time and nozzle air pressure. The controller also includes a programmable shutoff delay and a test cycle button to initiate spray cycles during setup.


  • Digital time and pressure display
  • Panel or bracket mounting
  • End-of-cycle (EOC) feedback signal
  • Programmable time
  • Motor overload/fault detection
  • Fast-response pneumatic solenoids

Compatible Valves

The ValveMate 7160RA controller is simple to set up and operate, and easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment.

Part Numbers

ValveMate Radial System Controller
Part # Description For use with
7029739 7160RA Radial Spray Valve Controller 782RA, 7860C-RS Valves