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ValveMate 2K Volumetric Pump Controllers

High-resolution touchscreen programming of 797PCP-2K Series progressive cavity pumps provides intuitive adjustment of meter mix dispensing parameters.

Nordson EFD’s ValveMate™ 7197PCP-2K controllers allow operators to choose between Line, Volume, Weight, Teach, or Timed programming modes from an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. This allows for on-the-fly programming of 797PCP-2K volumetric pumps at factory workstations.

The 7197PCP-2K controller can be used to meet a wide range of two-component (2K) dispensing applications with deposit volume accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1%. Precisely meter exact ratios of part A and part B materials through EFD static mixers for better mix quality and bond strength.

As a single-source supplier of progressive cavity pumps, controllers, dispensing robots, fluid reservoirs, and disposable static mixers, Nordson EFD offers a total system solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple modes allow for exact adjustment of dispensing parameters and mix ratios up to 20:1
  • Ethernet compatibility supports integration with Smart Factory technology
  • Total system solution simplifies setup and delivers industry-leading performance

Compatible Pumps


Part Numbers

ValveMate PCP-2K Pump Controllers
Part # Description Specification
7364177 ValveMate 7197PCP-2K Controller 797PCP-2K Pumps