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ProcessMate Temperature Controllers

Prevent material degradation and eliminate deposit size variation with ProcessMate Temperature Control Units from Nordson EFD.

These simple-to-integrate process controllers maintain precise temperatures during dispensing to preserve the properties of temperature-sensitive materials including solder pastes.


  • Compact design eliminates the need for machine enclosures
  • Precise process control within +/- 0.1°C
  • Low operating costs are pennies per day compared to larger machine enclosures or thermal facility controls

Available Models

ProcessMate TC100

The ProcessMate™ TC100 system maintains consistent fluid temperatures up to 100° C (212° F) for precise, repeatable dispensing control. The complete system includes a temperature controller and syringe barrel heater that are designed for use with 30cc Unity™ HiTemp™ syringe barrels. The system integrates seamlessly with Nordson EFD fluid dispensers, which actuate the dispense cycle.  

ProcessMate 6500

The ProcessMate 6500 solves common process problems such as material temperature fluctuation, inconsistent deposit size, viscosity change, and premature material degradation. It is easy to install on automated, handheld, and benchtop cartridge dispensing systems.

ProcessMate T10

The ProcessMate T10 controller is used to control the nozzle heater for Liquidyn jet valves. While maintaining temperature-sensitive dispensing within +/-0.1 C, it provides exceptional process control in fluid applications and features controller temperatures up to 200° C. The T10 is needed to control fluid temperatures when using a PLC or the V10D controller with Liquidyn valves.

Part Numbers

ProcessMate Temperature Controllers
Part # Description
ProcessMate TC100
7020340 ProcessMate 6500
7825171 ProcessMate T10