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Process Generators (PICO Controller V2 and V3)

Use the PICO® Controller V2 and V3 with the PICO Toµch™ controller when multiple lines of programming are needed to achieve specific deposit patterns in some applications.

These process generators allow you to program and control complex dispensing tasks by integrating Nordson EFD’s PICO dispensing system with your HMI (human machine interface), PLC (programmable logic controller), or personal computer.

They produce a high-precision 24 V dispensing signal with signal lengths of 0.2 ms and less. The efficiency and reproducibility of piezoelectric micro-metering valves, particularly with small quantities and/or high dosing frequencies, is maximized.

PICO Controller V2

Also called the PICO Controller 2+2-XCH-V2, this process generator allows only local changes to the operating parameters via its function buttons and menu item selections.

PICO Controller V3

Also called the PICO Controller 2+2-XCH-V3, this process generator provides all the features and benefits of the V2 plus the capability to communicate with higher level systems via standard fieldbus connection. This expands its functionality for complex dispensing jobs.

Both the V2 and V3 are available in two or four channel models. An optional V3 Kit provides a PROFIBUS communicator.