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3-Axis E Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

The E Series automated fluid dispensing system is a desktop robot that features a simple-to-use Teach Pendant for quick setup and easy programming.

It facilitates precise fluid dispensing in an automated solution. Available in four sizes, from 200 x 200 mm to 500 x 500 mm, the E Series adapts to a wide range or working envelopes.

True 3D motion control makes programming dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs easier. The E Series also easily integrates into in-line transfer systems, rotary tables, and pallet assembly lines.


  • Simplified setup and programming via Teach Pendant or file importation
  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Small footprint
  • True 3D motion control
  • Wide range of work envelopes


  • Faster cycle and batch times
  • Easy integration into any manufacturing operation
  • Reduced production, material, and ownership costs
  • New manufacturing opportunities