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Syringe Barrel Pistons

Optimum® SmoothFlow™ pistons feature unique channels that prevent air entrapment while providing a smooth profile radius to reduce fluid shear. 

Precision wiping edges clean the syringe interior as fluid is dispensed, eliminating waste and residue.

Our pistons fit perfectly inside Optimum syringe barrels to ensure uniform dispensing force and prevent dripping and oozing between shots. These components work as a system to provide accurate, consistent fluid deposits.

Precision molded from high-density polyethylene* in six unique styles, Optimum pistons ensure precise control for virtually any fluid in any application, including:

White SmoothFlow™ (General Purpose)
For use with most fluids.

Red SmoothFlow (Tight Fit)
For use with mechanical dispensing equipment.

Beige SmoothFlow (Loose Fit)
Loose-fitting pistons are used with air-entrapped fluids.

Orange Flatwall
Flat-walled pistons have a looser fit to prevent “bouncing” when dispensing stringy, air-entrapped fluids.

Blue LV Barrier
LV Barrier pistons are used with cyanoacrylates and very low viscosity fluids.

Clear Flex
Flex pistons are flexible and reduce “bouncing” in viscous fluids while maintaining excellent wall-wiping.

* Flex pistons are molded from low-density polyethylene 

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Part Numbers

Syringe Barrel Pistons
Size White
3cc 7012166 7012170 7012168 50
5cc 7012172 7012176 7012174 40
10cc 7012178 7012182 7012180 30
30/55cc 7012184 7012188 7012186 20
Size Orange
LV Barrier
3cc 7012321 7014602 7362320 50
5cc 7012323 n/a 7362317 40
10cc 7012325 7014600 7029355 30
30/55cc 7012327 7014598 7029551 20