Nordson EFD

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End Caps & Tip Caps

OptimumĀ® tip caps and end caps provide an airtight seal that allow you to pre-fill syringe barrels to save time or seal partially-used syringes between shifts to reduce waste.

Tip caps protect assembly fluids with unique vents that are engineered to actually prevent air from being introduced into the syringe during installation. Tip caps also feature a large knurled grip that simplifies attachment.

Available in green and blue for easy color coding, Nordson EFD’s twist-on tip caps are one-size-fits-all.

Our end caps fit securely over syringe tabs and feature a center pushbutton that make it easy to create a snug, airtight seal. The pushbutton also gives the operator a visual indicator that the end cap is correctly installed.

EFD snap-on end caps fit 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc barrels.

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Part Numbers

End Caps
Size Blue Green Qty
3cc 7012190 7014470 50
5cc 7012192 7014471 40
10cc 7012194 7014472 30
30/55cc 7012196 7014473 20


Tips Caps
Size Blue Green Qty
One Size 7012198 7014469 50