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Lubrication System Accessories

Control the pressure used to operate a MicroCoat® system or provide a consistent fluid feed to the MC800 lubrication system with these accessories from Nordson EFD.

Our lubrication system accessories include:

FlowGuard™ Monitoring System

Nordson EFD's lubrication monitoring system provides alerts for low and high pressure. Typically it’s connected to an E-Stop circuit, which shuts down the press when alarm conditions exist. FlowGuard is available in different voltages to ensure compatibility with your system.

Six Gallon Reservoir System

Our MC600M reservoir system is designed for use with fin mills, tube mills, and metal stamping operations. It’s designed for applications in which the mill or press cannot be stopped to refill standard MicroCoat reservoirs due to the significant amounts of lubricant used.

MC600M Features

  • Six gallon capacity tank
  • Low fluid level detection switch
  • Removable filter screen
  • Lubrication in-line filter
  • Fluid regulator

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