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Laser Light Barrier

Detect each fluid deposit dispensed by your Nordson EFD Liquidyn® jetting valve with our innovative, cost-effective Laser Light Barrier.

The Laser Light Barrier installs easily on Liquidyn P-Jet and P-Dot series jet valves to provide precise and reliable process monitoring, essential for error-free production.

Each fluid deposit, or shot, that passes through the light barrier triggers a 24V input / output (I/O) signal, which is enhanced by the signal amplifier. The output from the signal amplifier provides valuable tracking data for evaluation by a higher-level controller.

Users get a record of each dispensed shot and each missed shot to achieve greater process control. The data recorded can be used for regulatory and quality control purposes.


  • Precise detection of even the smallest dispensing volumes
  • Standardized output signal
  • Robust operation regardless of environmental conditions
  • Easily installs without the use of tools
  • Easily adjustable detection sensitivity

Part Numbers

Laser Light Barrier
Part # Description Specification
7825237 Laser Light Barrier kit 24 VDC operating voltage
7825242 Laser Light Barrier mounting bracket n/a