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Cleaning Stations

For automated nozzle cleaning of jet valves and needle valves.

Nordson EFD offers two types of cleaning stations. The Needle Nozzle Cleaning Station is designed to automatically clean Liquidyn® jet valve nozzles and needle valves fitted with Optimum® precision stainless steel dispensing tips. 

This IP-protected cleaning station is extremely easy to operate and “plug and play” into your existing automated dispensing process. It only requires compressed air. It is also compatible with most fluids, including silicone, grease, UV-cure adhesives, epoxy, paint, and flux.

Compatible Valves

Part Numbers

Cleaning Station
Part # Description Specification
7825249 Needle Nozzle
Cleaning Station
Includes adapters for use with Liquidyn nozzles
and Optimum® stainless steel dispense tips.