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BaitGun Accessories

Use BaitGun® accessories for added convenience and to maximize the use of your EFD bait dispenser.


Durable black cordura nylon belt holds BaitGun and (10) extra reservoirs.

Carrying Case

Durable molded carrying case protects your BaitGun, and includes space for accessories.

Illuminator™ Flashlight Attachment

This rugged flashlight attachment for the BaitGun illuminates dark cracks and crevices. Simply clamp in place and secure with a quick twist of the clamp screw. Provides adjustable spot or flood beam. Two AA batteries included.

Bait Reservoir Kit

Disposable reservoir sets for "fill it yourself" applications. Includes (10) each reservoirs, pistons, outlet caps, and reservoir cap ends.


11" long extension tip for reaching normally inaccessible areas. Airtight cap on either end for storage.