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Automated Dispensing System Accessories

Nordson EFD automated dispensing system accessories increase capabilities, and simplify integration into existing manufacturing lines.

Complete Guarded System

Nordson EFD guarded safety enclosures integrate seamlessly with our complete line of automated dispensing systems. Featuring external dispensing controls, a safety light curtain, and an internal electrical control box and wireways for faster, safer setup, these CE-compliant enclosures also fully comply with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Guarded safety enclosures are currently available for sale in Europe and the Americas only.

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Mounting Brackets

Available for syringe barrel mounting, standard valve mounting, or PICO® jet valve mounting, EFD mounting brackets are compatible with all EFD precision automated dispensing solutions.


Part Numbers

Mounting Brackets
Part # Description For use with
7360610 Mounting bracket Syringe barrels
7360611 Mounting bracket PICO valves
7361815 Mounting bracket PICO Pµlse® valves
7360613 Mounting bracket Valves with mounting holes (752, 725, 741, 736, 781, 787, and 782 Series valves)
7361758 Mounting bracket Valves without mounting holes (702, 754, 794, and 784S-SS Series valves)
7363518  Mounting bracket 794-TC Series auger valve
7361114 Mounting bracket xQR41 and 745 Series valves
7361757 Mounting bracket Radial Spinner valves
7360952 Mounting bracket Ultimus™ IV dispensers
7362177 Mounting bracket Liquidyn® P-Jet and P-Dot valves
7360796 Mounting bracket Equalizer™ (EV and E Series only)
7360609 Simple vision bracket (EV Series only)