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Silicone Dispensers

Nordson EFD provides a wide range of silicone dispensers and dispensing systems designed to apply the exact amount of material required for high throughput production.

From thin silicone oils to thick RTV silicones, EFD’s precision dispensing equipment improves assembly process control for higher yields with less mess and rework.

For low- to medium-volume applications, EFD offers a range of silicone dispensers. They include the UltimusPlus I and Performus X100 for applying low- to high-viscosity fluids using hand-held syringe barrels. For better control of low-viscosity silicones, EFD recommends the UltimusPlus II and Performus X15. The Ultimus V high precision dispenser offers the most control for advanced applications.

For high-volume applications, solutions such as our high-speed PICO Pµlse and Liquidyn jetting valves provide extremely accurate silicone dispensing results.

When micro-deposits are required, the xQR41 MicroDot needle valve provides deposits as small as 150 µm. For larger dots and lines, the 736HPA valves work best with thicker silicones and RTVs, while the xQR41V works best with thinner silicone oils.

Some applications require spraying, for example, to lubricate the interior of medical syringes. EFD’s 781Mini spray valve provides an exceptionally uniform, narrow pattern for micro-spraying applications. The 781S valve provides excellent control for standard spray applications. And the 784S-SS aseptic valve is ideal for the sterile application of silicone oils.

EFD dispensers and valves integrate seamlessly with our full line of automated dispensing systems for high-volume applications. EFD also offers a comprehensive line of two-component (2K) silicone mixers, cartridges, dispense guns, and manual meter mix valves.

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