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Sealant Dispensers

Nordson EFD sealant applicators apply a wide range of sealants with great accuracy and consistency to boost productivity with less waste and rework.

Applying precise beads of sealant, within the tolerance limits required, helps manufacturers improve productivity while reducing reject rates. EFD offers sealant dispensing equipment designed to do just that.

For low- to medium-volume production, EFD offers a full line of benchtop sealant dispensers for reliable control of low- to high-viscosity fluids.

For high-volume production, EFD recommends sealant dispense valves such as our xQR41 MicroDot needle valve for micro-deposit applications and our 736HPA high pressure valve for dots, lines, potting, and encapsulating. We also recommend the 725D piston valve for sealant dispensing at low pressures.

In addition, when high-speed sealant dispensing is required, EFD recommends the Liquidyn jet valves. These valves produce extremely precise, repeatable dots, beads, and lines of sealant with deposit volumes starting at 3 nL at dispensing speeds up to 280Hz.

EFD sealant dispensers and valves integrate seamlessly with our full line of automated dispensing systems for high-volume applications.

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EFD also offers a comprehensive line of two-component (2K) sealant mixers, cartridgesdispense guns, and manual meter mix valves.

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