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Grease Dispensers

Nordson EFD provides precision grease dispensing systems that apply the most accurate, consistent deposits with minimal mess and waste.

This is important when dispensing grease because when exact amounts are not applied, it can lead to product performance issues. Too much grease tends to spread, affecting product quality, and too little grease can cause product failure.

Since greases range in thickness, from low to high viscosity, EFD offers a wide range of dispensing equipment to consider. Pneumatic grease dispensers are widely used in low- to medium-volume industrial assembly processes.

EFD recommends the UltimusPlus I or Performus X100 dispensers for manual grease dispensing applications. UltimusPlus I features a 0.7-7.0 bar (10-100 psi) air pressure regulator and Performus X100 features a 0-7.0 bar (0-100 psi) pressure regulator, both are used for greater control when dispensing low- to high-viscosity greases.

When high-volume or highly accurate, repeatable outcomes are required, EFD recommends using needle, piston, or high-pressure valves depending on your application requirements. When the application requires even, consistent coverage of an area, EFD recommends using a spray valve system.

And when applications require high-speed dispensing or dispensing over uneven surfaces, EFD recommends jet valves for the greatest accuracy, within tight deposit tolerances.

In addition, EFD grease dispensers and valves fully integrate with our automated dispensing systems for high-volume applications. Our automated grease dispensing equipment works with a range of fluid reservoirs from syringe barrels or tubes to cartridges and tanks.

Learn more by downloading this greasing case study or visiting the automated grease dispensing success story on our blog.

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