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Glue Dispensers

Nordson EFD adhesive dispensing solutions are designed to apply a wide range of glues with great precision and repeatability to improve your process control.

For low- to medium-volume production, EFD benchtop glue dispensers offer the best control. Select the pneumatic UltimusPlus I or Performus X100 dispenser for medium- to high-viscosity adhesives. Select UltimusPlus II with 0-1.0 bar (0.3-15 psi) or Performus X15 with a 0-1.0 bar (0-15 psi) regulator for better control of low-viscosity adhesives.

When high-volume production or exceptional fluid deposit accuracy and placement are required, EFD offers a large selection of industrial glue dispense valves, jetting valves, and automated dispensing systems.

In addition to providing high-quality, highly-precise adhesive dispensing equipment, EFD application specialists use 50+ years of fluid application knowledge to help manufacturers find the right solution for every project.

From selecting the best dispensing tip for your glue’s viscosity to creating a comprehensive adhesive dispensing system for your specific application, EFD provides the expertise required to significantly reduce the time it takes to find the right solution.

EFD also offers a comprehensive line of two-component (2K) adhesive mixers, cartridges, dispense guns, and manual meter mix valves.

Recommended Dispensing Solutions