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What to Expect from the Nordson EFD Better Dispensing Blog

Dispensing Know-How Distilled to Improve Your Process

4 April 2017

By Natalie Tomasso

The goal of this blog is to share dispensing knowledge. Since 1963, Nordson EFD has helped thousands of manufacturers reduce costs by improving processes to produce better parts in less time, with less fluid waste.

This is achieved by dispensing the right amount of fluid in the right location, every time. Depending on the type of fluid, the properties of the fluid, and the environment in which the fluid is being dispensed, there are a number of critical factors to consider when choosing the right dispensing system.

At Nordson EFD, we use our knowledge of proven, documented dispensing applications when recommending the best system and components for a manufacturing process. With this blog, we hope to share some of that knowledge to help you improve your dispensing process.

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What You Can Expect From Our Better Dispensing Blog

New Technology Features

In-depth information about specific features of new EFD dispensing technology. Why these features were developed. What benefits these features provide. How these features benefit you.

Application Stories

In-depth information about the benefits of EFD dispensing solutions in specific fluid applications and industries. These will be based on real applications successfully tested in our labs and/or implemented on-site at customers’ production facilities.

How-To Dispensing Best Practices

In-depth information on how to adjust your process to achieve the exact, repeatable amount of fluid needed for your application. Examples might include how to keep air from entering your fluid, how to control for external factors like plant air pressure, and how to select the right dispensing tip for your application.

You might also find us writing about a new guide, data sheet, video, or other resource that provides valuable information about dispensing.

More than anything, you can expect us to share information we hope you will find useful in improving your dispensing process.

If you have a blog post idea or dispensing question you’d like us to answer, don’t hesitate to submit your question or comment at

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Natalie TomassoAbout Natalie Tomasso

Natalie Tomasso is a Marketing Specialist at Nordson EFD. She spends a lot of time working with fluid application specialists to learn as much as possible about best practices in fluid dispensing. She joined Nordson EFD in 2015.




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