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Oil Dispensing System Speeds Production of Automotive Crimp Contact Connectors

A Success Story

26 November 2019

By Muge Deniz Meiller

An automotive connector supplier wanted a more controlled process for lubricating contacts to reduce resistance between the contact and connector of its cable crimps. The previous method involved manual application at individual workstations. This was time consuming and often inaccurate.

Germany-based application specialists Axel Horstmann and Michael Wilczek found the best possible solution for automating the application with our fastest, most precise oil dispensing system.

Here are a few more details about this application.

Fluids Used

ExxonMobil SpectraSyn™ 40 oil

Application Requirements 

    • Precise, repeatable application of oil onto contacts
    • Apply enough to reduce the connecting force, yet keep the crimp “dry” so the oil doesn’t migrate
    • Faster process to keep up with production demands

    Previous Process

    The automotive supplier had been using time-pressure dispensing technology at manual workstations. While this was somewhat effective, the process was slow and the results were often inaccurate.

    Issues with Previous Process

    Results varied from operator to operator, as is the case in many manual applications. This caused rework and rejects. The supplier wanted to increase units per hour (UPH) and first pass yields.



    Replacing the manual time-pressure solution with Nordson EFD’s piezoelectric PICO Pµlse jetting system allowed the automotive connector manufacturer to apply the exact amount of oil needed in an extremely repeatable way.

    The non-contact PICO Pµlse jet valve’s ability to dispense onto narrow areas at high speeds up to 1000Hz (cycles per second) allowed the manufacturer to produce a greater number of units per hour, while greatly reducing rework and rejects.

    Watch this video to see a live demonstration of the application.

    Reduced fluid waste, greater process control, and higher throughput yields were just a few benefits the automotive supplier gained with its new oil dispensing system from Nordson EFD. The jet valve’s tool-free latch for fast, easy maintenance and its variable stroke for greater dispensing control were also beneficial.

    Learn more about Nordson EFD fluid dispensing solutions in our Automotive Application Guide. Watch more dispensing videos in our Automotive Video Playlist.

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    Muge Deniz MeillerAbout Muge Deniz Meiller

    Muge Deniz Meiller is a Global Market Development Manager at Nordson EFD. She concentrates on solidifying and growing relevant opportunities for EFD in the automotive, particularly the electric vehicle market. Muge has more than 9 years of product and market management experience. She joined Nordson EFD in 2018.

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