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New Dispensing Technology Released by Nordson EFD in 2017

Year in Review

19 December 2017

By Donna Monroe

As the year-end approaches, we’d like to share some of the innovative dispensing technologies Nordson EFD released in 2017. From new dispensing components to fully-integrated robot enclosures, EFD strives to introduce products that help manufacturers improve every aspect of their fluid application process. To that end you’ll notice several new dispensing accessories, assembly fluids, and useful improvements to existing products on this list.

ESD-Safe Dispensing Components

Our new Optimum® ESD-safe dispensing components are made from an inert, non-carbon, non-surface-migratory material that’s safe to use with sensitive fluids and ideal for manufacturing high-end electronics.

ESD-safe components are designed to produce extremely precise, repeatable micro-deposits without static buildup that can damage fragile substrates. The new line is available in all syringe barrel sizes and includes a new 27-gauge SmoothFlow™ tapered tip for dispensing micro-deposits of high-viscosity fluids.

HSS Spray Systems for meter mix and spraying high solid two-component materials used in industrial applications including pipe coating.2K Dispensing Systems

With the acquisition of Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. earlier this year, Nordson EFD now offers several additional, innovative dispensing solutions for two-component (2K) fluids.

  • Ratio-Pak® cartridges feature the ability to snap together to create multiple ratio combinations. The unique, patented design allows users to choose any ratio they require up to 25:1. It also streamlines the filling process for fluid formulators.
  • Our HSS Spray System features a patented spray manifold / static mixer assembly for complete material mixing and atomization. It is ideal for pipe coating, marine repair, manhole restoration, and truck bed liners.
  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) dual syringes and static mixers provide controlled mixing and placement of two-part materials used in home improvement, automotive, health and beauty, and dental applications.

Animal Health Dosing Syringes

Also with the acquisition of Plas-Pak, Nordson EFD now offers disposable animal health dosing syringes used for packaging and administering medication for horses, cows, and other animals. Our Dial-a-Dose® syringes feature a unique integrated ring to “dial in” a customized dose based on the animal’s size, treatment schedule, and other requirements.

Ultimus™ I−II Dispensers

Earlier this year we redesigned the Ultimus I−II benchtop fluid dispensers to improve functionality. Both models now feature constant-bleed air pressure regulation, which improves reliability and makes adjusting pressure settings easier.

Nordson EFD Automated Dispensing System Enclosure

Guarded Safety Enclosures

Our new safety enclosures integrate seamlessly with Nordson EFD automated dispensing systems, simplifying procurement and setup. Enclosures feature a safety light curtain, external controls, and integrated wireways for securing cables.

Laser Light Barrier

Nordson EFD’s Laser Light Barrier detects each fluid deposit, providing reliable process monitoring essential for error-free production. The data recorded can be used for regulatory and quality control purposes.

Needle Nozzle Cleaning Station

This cleaning station uses compressed air to automatically clean excess fluid residue from EFD’s dispense valve tips and Liquidyn® jet valve nozzles. Watch this video to see how it works.

Fluid Pressure Booster

Fluid Pressure Booster

The Fluid Pressure Booster increases the pressure applied to transport thick materials from a tank or cartridge to your dispensing valve. It’s ideal for micro-dispensing of high-viscosity materials using the PICO® Pµlse™ jet valves, Liquidyn jet valves, and xQR41 MicroDot™ needle valve.

Tank Reservoir with Sensor

A new 5-liter tank reservoir with capacitive fluid level sensing provides a non-contact method of sensing when the tank is low or empty. It is very effective at detecting medium-viscosity fluids, such as UV-cure adhesives. It features a 0-100 psi (0-7 bar) regulator.

Thermal Compound

Nordson EFD offers the best-performing, non-silicone thermal compound on the market. The material resists degradation caused by thermal cycling, making it suitable for a wide range of electronics applications. Find out how to select the right formulation for your application with this useful Thermal Compound Selection Guide.

Latex Solder Mask 1-775

Designed to protect selected areas of printed circuit boards (PCBs) during mass soldering operations, this new solder mask, when cured, resists wetting and peels cleanly in one piece leaving no trace of residue.

Looking Forward to 2018

In 2018, you can expect to see several new innovative dispensing solutions from Nordson EFD. In the meantime, we hope you have a merry holiday season and prosperous New Year.

You can also view a video of our latest innovations here.

If you have any questions about how to improve your dispensing process, don’t hesitate to email us at

Donna MonroeAbout Donna Monroe

Donna Monroe is the Senior Manager of Engineering at Nordson EFD. She oversees all engineering functions. Donna has more than 25 years of experience in her field, including engineering roles at The Dow Chemical Company and General Electric. She joined Nordson EFD in 2016.

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