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16 Ways EFD Dispenses Joy in Manufacturing and Our Local Communities

Improving Your Process and Giving Back

4 December 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past and think about the future. It brings to mind the people, places, and experiences of which we are most thankful. At Nordson EFD, we’re thankful for our customers and the communities we serve. It’s why we stay laser-focused on process improvements and give back to the communities where we live and work.

We think this is what makes Nordson EFD great. And we want to share our joy this holiday season. We hope it encourages you to dispense a little joy, as well.



Here are a few ways EFD dispenses joy in manufacturing processes.

Way #1. Deposit Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount to any successful fluid dispensing application. Dispensing too much fluid can create quality issues. Dispensing too little often prevents products from working properly, leading to costly returns. EFD manufactures market-leading dispensers, valves, and components designed to produce highly accurate deposits. Some of our systems dispense within tolerances +/- 1%.

Our dispensing technology is so accurate it can be used to print human prosthetics.

Way #2. Shot-to-Shot Repeatability

Repeatability is essential when dispensing assembly fluids. If your deposits aren’t consistent, you risk stalling production with rejected parts and rework.

EFD’s market-leading solutions include 3- and 4-axis automated dispensing systems that achieve best-in-class positional repeatability up to +/- 0.004%.

Witness the repeatability of our dispensing solutions in this video.

Way #3. Faster Production

Dispensing highly accurate, repeatable fluid deposits allows your assembly lines to move faster. Find out how one EFD customer nearly tripled daily production with our high-speed PICO Pµlsejetting system.

PICO® Pµlse™ Valve and PICO® Toµch™ ControllerWay #4. Less Maintenance

Equipment maintenance, though necessary, doesn’t have to take long. Solutions such as our xQR41 and 781Mini valves feature a Quick Release (QR) clasp that allows service in less than 2 minutes. The clasp allows tool-free removal of fluid carrying parts for easy cleaning.

This video shows how xQR41 reduces downtime by about 90%.

Way #5. Reduced Fluid Waste

Saving even 3% of the fluid wasted on your production floor can add up to significant cost savings. Using quality dispensing components designed to reduce fluid waste is one way to preserve assembly fluids. Using dispensers and valves that apply controlled amounts of fluid used is another.

In addition, using innovative lubrication systems such as our MicroCoat system is known to reduce fluid waste by as much as 75%. Check out this Gestamp testimonial video to learn more.

Way #6. Less Operator Training

Few things delay the implementation of new equipment more than operator training. Solutions such as our vision-guided dispensing robots use proprietary DispenseMotion software to simplify set up and programming.

We also created a unique Initial Setup Wizard that reduces setup time by 50%. This allows manufacturers to streamline training for in-house operators, versus seeking outside help.

Way #7. Less Rework, Fewer Rejects

Improving the accuracy and repeatability of your fluid dispensing applications inevitably leads to less rework and fewer rejects.

Here’s what one EFD customer says …

“Automated tabletop dispensing has significantly increased productivity by removing the variability from our process. It has also reduced our rejects by up to 90%. In short, tabletop automation is taking our company into a more productive and profitable future.”

ElectroDynamics, Inc.

Way #8. Higher Yields

Improving your fluid dispensing process can also result in higher throughput yields. EFD offers a wide range of dispensing solutions designed to improve productivity, while reducing rework, rejects, and fluid waste.

Nordson Impact LogoSupporting Local Communities

Giving back is another way Nordson EFD dispenses joy. In fact, it is written into Nordson Corporation’s articles of incorporation to contribute 5% of profits to support charitable endeavors. In addition, Nordson provides several community engagement programs that help employees deliver the Nordson Impact.

Here are a few ways EFD dispenses joy in our local communities.

Way #9. Fundraising for Local Non-Profits

Each year Nordson EFD employees participate in a two-week giving campaign for the Nordson Corporation Foundation, United Way’s general fund, or other non-profits. This year our Rhode Island office raised more than $46,000 by hosting drawings, auctions, games, appreciation grams, and bake sales. Those funds go directly to our grant program, which gave about $360,000 in grants to local non-profits in 2018.

Way #10. Helping Low-Income Workers Learn a Manufacturing Trade

This year, we donated $200,000 to the Steel Yard’s Weld to Work program. This program provides workforce training to low-income individuals 18 years or older. Each trainee learns welding and fabrication skills. Plus, basic math and soft skills such as teamwork and timeliness are included to assist in gaining and retaining a job.

Way #11. Providing Safe Housing for Abuse Victims

Sojourner House received a $10,000 grant from Nordson EFD in 2018. The organization will use funds to continue to provide free emergency shelter and subsidized housing to victims of abusive relationships. It is the largest and most comprehensive residential services program for abuse victims in Rhode Island.

Way #12. Giving Food and Clothing to Low-Income Families

We donated $10,000 to Good Neighbors to expand and meet the challenges of an increased population in need. Good Neighbors serves a full breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. The food pantry distributes more than 1,400 bags of groceries per year. The resource center provides computers for job searching. A well-stocked closet provides families with needed clothing.

Way #13. Providing Educational Support to Foster Teens

Adoption Rhode Island received $7,500 from EFD for youth in its Teen Focus program. The program provides individualized support to help teens in foster care make academic progress, graduate from high school, and have a concrete plan to go on to college or other post-secondary option of their choice.

Last year, Adoption Rhode Island received the same grant and used funds to provide educational advocacy and support to 67 teens in foster care.

Way #14. Establishing After-School Wrestling Programs

This year, we donated $7,500 to Beat the Streets Providence, a local non-profit committed to preparing urban youth for success in school and life with co-educational wrestling. The funds will go towards starting a wrestling youth development program at a local middle and high school. The program teaches discipline both on the mat and with academics.

EFD employees creating care packages for homeless childrenWay #15. Providing Books and Blankets to Homeless Children

Every year, EFD employees donate their time to make fleece blankets. This year we assembled donated books, stuffed animals, and blankets into 25 welcome gifts for children at Lucy’s Hearth. The homeless shelter for families with children serves 45 families per year. The welcome gifts are designed to bring children a little comfort as they transition to living at the shelter.

Way #16. Giving Holiday Presents to Foster Kids

Each December, employees donate presents to children living in foster homes throughout Rhode Island. Each child or foster parent provides a list of what the child needs and wants for Christmas, along with sizes and interests. Last year EFD employees donated presents for 49 children through the North American Family Institute of Rhode Island.

Although these examples highlight our Rhode Island-based community involvement, EFD employees in New Jersey, Connecticut, and around the world have similar giving programs to support their local communities.

Have a question about EFD’s charitable giving or dispensing solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or request expert help to improve your process control.

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