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Truck Bed Liner Spray Guns Save Time and Reduce Material Waste

A Success Story

28 October 2019

By Anthony Martucci

It’s no secret that truck beds are prone to getting dinged, scratched, and dented if not lined with a protective covering to prevent that kind of damage. While there are several ways to protect truck beds, including hard plastic inserts, many suppliers find spray-on liners to be more durable and easier for truck owners to maintain.

Companies such as Rhino Linings and TOFF Liners by ARTLUX have perfected the art of spray-on truck bed liner coatings with the help of Nordson EFD’s two-component (2K) HSS spray gun systems.

The complete HSS system includes a lightweight high solid spray gun, an adjustable air pressure regulator, and a variety of atomizing static mixer assemblies. The regulator allows easy adjustment to accurately control air flow, which helps operators achieve consistent coating.

Various spray nozzles form round, flat, or angled patterns, which work well to evenly coat the different non-uniform surfaces of truck beds. The system’s pneumatic spray gun works with two-component cartridges to reduce the need to mix components beforehand. This results in less premature curing, therefore less material waste.

Watch this video to see how RhinoPro uses the HSS spray gun system to coat truck beds.

See another example of truck bed liner coating in action by viewing this video from TOFF.

Here are a few more details about these types of applications:

Fluids Used

  • Polyureas
  • Polyurethanes
  • Epoxies

Application Requirements

Material must be packaged in Side x Side cartridges. Nordson EFD offers three types of Side x Side cartridge systems: standard rigid, Ratio-Pak, and Film-Pak. The system also requires that a static mixer with a spray tip be secured to the cartridge system. This provides the proper mixing needed to create a durable coating. EFD offers several static mixers that work with the HSS system. In addition, a source of shop air with a regulator is required to actuate the gun and generate the desired spray pattern. The truck bed liner coating must be applied quickly and consistently in order to achieve an even thickness without premature curing.

Previous Process

Suppliers previously installed hard plastic liners or used rollers like those for painting to adhere liner material to the truck bed. The two-component lining material had to be mixed in a container and spread manually onto the truck bed.

Issues with Previous Process

Hard plastic liners did not have as long a shelf life as spray-on liners. They cracked and left truck beds vulnerable to damage. Adhering liquid liners to truck beds reduced the chance of breakage and damage. However, when using liquid material, the need to mix two-component coatings before rolling led to excessive waste due to premature curing. Uneven distribution of material also added to unnecessary waste and inferior protection of the truck bed. In addition, manually rolling the mixture was time consuming, which decreased productivity.



Using the spray gun system instead of rolling the material increased productivity and reduced material waste. With the HSS system, 2K liner coatings are mixed and sprayed on demand, resulting in less premature curing. Also, with the HSS system, suppliers achieved a consistent thickness of material, which you don’t get when rolling the material on. This created a more durable and easy-to-maintain liner for truck owners.

Less material waste, less time spent on each truck bed, more consistency, more productivity, and more gains for your business is what you can expect when working with Nordson EFD.

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Anthony Martucci headshotAbout Anthony Martucci

Anthony Martucci is a Business Manager, Fluid Formulators & Packagers, at Nordson EFD. He works with customers who require two-component (2K) fluid dispensing systems. Anthony has more than 20 years of expertise. He joined Nordson EFD in 1997.

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