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Automotive Oil Spray Systems for Armrests to Door Handles

A Success Story

6 September 2017

By Cary Long

Automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and machine builders across the U.S. and abroad use Nordson EFD spray valves to apply consistent amounts of oil and grease to a wide range of automotive parts. From moving parts in armrests to springs in door handles to door trim during final assembly, EFD provides a number of solutions.

Here are a few more details about these types of applications:

Fluids Used

  • Oils
  • Greases

Application Requirements

  • Consistent area of coverage
  • Minimal overspray
  • Repeatable spray patterns

Previous Process

The automotive manufacturers used sponges or brushes to apply oil or grease to door trim, moving parts within armrests, and springs in door handles.

Issues with Previous Process

Too much material was being applied. This led to a significant amount of time spent cleaning up excess fluid on surrounding parts to prevent rejects and quality issues.


For Door Trim

For Armrests

For Door Handles

*Depends on the width of the spray pattern required. The 787MS spray patterns start at 3.3 mm wide and the 781Mini spray patterns start at 1 mm wide.



Door Trim

Operators used the 781S spray valve with an electric handle to manually spray oil onto door trim in an even, consistent way – eliminating costly cleanup and significantly increasing productivity. Final product quality also improved.


The armrest application involved applying grease onto various parts and springs to prevent squeaking. A machine builder was hired to automate the process using 6-axis robots. Mounting the 781S spray valve to the 6-axis robot arms proved to be the best solution to reduce excess grease waste and cleanup. The 781S valve applied a uniform layer of grease to the 9.5 mm (0.375″) areas within the armrest.

Door Handles

Using the 787MS spray valve to spray a consistent amount of oil onto the springs in door handles improved overall process control, eliminated overspray, and reduced material costs by reducing fluid waste. Part quality also improved.

Related Applications

  • Hood latches
  • Brake components
  • Manifolds
  • Small gears in electric motors

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About Cary Long

Cary Long is an Application Specialist at Nordson EFD. He helps manufacturers throughout Ohio find the best possible dispensing solutions for their fluid applications. Cary has more than 20 years of fluid dispensing expertise. He joined Nordson EFD in 1996.

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