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Innovative Dispensing Equipment Released by Nordson EFD in 2019

Year in Review

29 January 2020

By Donna Monroe

As we make our way into 2020, we’d like to share some of the innovative dispensing technology Nordson EFD released in the past year, making 2019 a great gateway into the new decade. We’ve designed each new product to help manufacturers improve fluid-dispensing processes from start to finish. With each new dispensing system and accessory, we hope to improve your company’s efficiency and production output while reducing waste and production costs.

Volumetric Systems

Our precision volumetric dispensing pumps deliver best-in-class deposit-volume accuracy and repeatability at +/-1%. Whether you’re dispensing one-component or two-component (2K) fluids, our automation-ready systems provide the precision you need to improve dispensing processes.

  • 797PCP progressive cavity pumps allow continuous volumetric dispensing of epoxies, greases, thermal greases, RTVs, sealants, solder pastes, and UV-cure adhesives, independent of fluid viscosity or changes in viscosity over time.
  • 797PCP-2K progressive cavity pumps provide highly accurate volumetric meter mix dispensing of 2K fluids in automated assembly processes.
  • ValveMate 7197PCP controllers feature an intuitive touchscreen interface for precise adjustment of volumetric-dispensing parameters at your fingertips.
  • ValveMate 7197PCP-2K controllers provide multiple modes for exact adjustment of 797PCP-2K pump-dispensing parameters and mix ratios up to 20:1.
  • 7197PCP-DIN controllers are designed for mounting on DIN rails and offer an intuitive web-based interface and small-form factor for automated processes.

UltimusPlus Fluid Dispensers 

The new UltimusPlus fluid dispenser provides useful features for improving efficiency and process control. Its intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation and setup. Full operator lockoutneutralizes operator-to-operator variability. An optional barcode scanner allows users to switch between up to 16 programs without touching the screen. Ethernet compatibility offers a greater range of control and unit visibility in your factory.

UltimusPlus and Syringe


Optimum Ceramic MicroDot Tips 

These 37-gauge dispensing tips apply precise micro-deposits as small as 100 µm and feature the following:

  • A ceramic cannula available with polypropylene or stainless steel hubs
  • A tapered inner diameter that reduces back pressure and ensures consistent fluid deposits and cutoff
  • Excellent tip-to-tip consistency for more repeatable dispensing results
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility for a wide range of fluids

Ceramic Tip Composite

PROPlus Series Automated Dispensing Robot

The 3-axis PROPlus tabletop robot delivers industry-leading repeatability of +/-0.003 mm and provides higher deposit-placement accuracy. It includes specialized software designed to optimize the performance of PICO and Liquidyn jet valve systems. Fiducial recognition allows for multiple image captures for higher-resolution offset.

ProcessMate TC100 Temperature Controller System 

The ProcessMate TC100 system maintains consistent fluid temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). A constant fluid temperature is essential for maintaining consistent fluid viscosity, which delivers more repeatable dispensing results. The complete system includes a temperature controller and syringe barrel heater that are designed for use with 30cc Unity HiTemp syringe barrels.

TC100 Barrel Heater

Unity HiTemp Tapered Syringe Barrels

These tapered barrels withstand up to 125°C (257°F) at up to 87 psi (6 bar) and are designed for dispensing hot-melt materials. The tapered design allows the barrel to fit industry-standard heater blocks.

Looking Forward to 2020

2020 should be another strong year for innovation in the dispensing industry. Nordson EFD looks forward to working with you in the new year to help make your processes more efficient.

If you have any questions about our dispensing equipment or how to improve your process, don’t hesitate to email us at

Donna MonroeAbout Donna Monroe

Donna Monroe is the Senior Manager of Engineering at Nordson EFD. She oversees engineering and product development initiatives. Donna has more than 25 years of experience, including engineering management roles at General Electric. She joined Nordson EFD in 2016.

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