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C-Slide Desktop System for Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking, handles the product in a pneumatic slide of two or three positions (max. 150 mm stroke), with a fixture size up to 250 x 250 mm.

The Nordson DIMA Desktop Series is a product range for Heat-Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating process applications and Hot Bar Reflow Soldering. All kind LCD, Flex foil and PCB connections can be made using these systems. Nordson DIMA has the most intelligent systems designs, very rigid base constructions with exchangeable soldering/bonding heads which minimizes your production down time when switching over to another soldering/bonding head. But more revolutionary are the exchangeable product movement modules! They make it possible for you to upgrade a C-Prime to a C-Slide or a C-Turn in minutes. You don't need to buy a complete new desktop, only a product movement module which will be a considerable cost benefit for you. C-Slide handles the product in a pneumatic slide in two or three positions (max. 150 mm stroke), with a fixture size up to 250 x 250 mm.

  • Most stiff frame construction
  • Smartest Hot Bar exchange design
  • Exchangeable product handling and process modules
  • Controller for time, temperature, force and joint penetration
  • User friendly touchscreen 


  • Soldering/Bonding Head Modules in different force ranges for optimal process adjustment
  • Interposer Module for soldering and bonding processes
  • Product Alignment for fine pitch applications
  • Quality control modules, e.g. automatic force control, joint penetration depth measurement, multiple thermocouples


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