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Nordson DIMA, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), serves the global market with Hot Bar Bonding and Soldering application solutions and offers a range of dispensing and coating products exclusively for the European region. 

Hot Bar Systems and Solutions

Our Hot Bar Systems vary from (built-in) Process Equipment via Desktop and Stand-Alone systems up to fully automated In-Line solutions and as such the solution for all your Reflow Soldering, Heat Staking, ACF Laminating and Heat Seal Bonding applications. 

Some of the industries Nordson DIMA focusses on are Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Lighting and many others. 

With more than 15 year experience in Hot Bar application, Nordson DIMA’s staff offer their sales and service skills and support, as well as technical concepts and customer solutions. We understand your industrial needs and we are very eager to interact face to face to discuss your opportunities and challenges. We are there to give you the best possible advice and solutions. 

As a Nordson company we can support you though our well-known global Sales and Service network. We have KDC’s (Key Demo Centers) in Asia, America and Europe where we can perform system demonstrations and answer technical issues. We like working closely together with you to support and optimize your production process development. 

Our Mission

We strive to provide best-in-class Hot bar soldering and bonding solutions and continuously invest in the development of applications knowledge, innovative products, superior customer service, and a lasting commitment to quality. We are drawing on the deep-rooted application and market knowledge that has been built up over decades and work hand in hand with our customers to make our technology work for them.

Our Vision

It is our vision to offer value through continuous innovation and improvement. The value of products, services and companies is often challenged by competitors. By constantly developing new solutions and doing what we already do better real customer value can be created.  

Our Values 

  • We use our global network to deliver the best of the company to all clients
  • We create sustainable growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and ourselves. 
  • We build confidence in our promises, by behaving straight forwardly and building enduring relationships based on trust
  • We attract and retain top talent by fostering a culture that values diversity, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • We provide a safe workplace and promote healthy work habits. 

Dispensing and Coating

Nordson DIMA’s Dispensing and Coating product lines are exclusively offered to customers in the European region. Product information is available via

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