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SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018

Nuremberg, Germany

2018-06-05 - 2018-06-07

As each year, Nordson DIMA will be represented by AAT Aston GmbH at the SMT Hybrid Packaging Show in Nuremberg, June 5-7, 2018.

This year two product groups will be displayed.

The first group will be products from the global range of hot bar products. Like the C-TurnFlux, an automated stand-alone system that combines Flux Dispensing with Hot Bar Reflow Soldering. An ultimate system for high end applications, where output and quality inspection are required. A motorized, five position indexer offers high speed product handling and a guaranteed position repeatability. The C-Slide, from the Nordson DIMA Desktop Series is a system from the product range for ACF Final/Heat-Seal Bonding, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, and Heat Staking. All kind LCD, Flex foil and PCB connections can be made using this flex bonding and soldering system.

The C-Tack Desktop System is specially designed for ACF Laminating (Pre-Tacking, or Pre-bond) applications. ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) Laminating is a Hot Bar bonding technique to make electrical bonds between flexible and rigid circuit boards, glass panel displays and flex foils. ACFs are widely used to perform LCD-to-flex, flex-to-board or flex-to-flex connections. The system uses pneumatic bonding head technology and offers reliable process control, with an integrated Constant Heat power supply.

The second group of products involves platforms that are supplied uniquely to the European market, dispensing and coating machines. Two coating systems will be showcased: the desktop module DispenseMaster and the inline coater Elite DR-061. The Elite can now be equipped with different cover plates and a cabinet door, designed for easier maintenance. The Hybrid dispenser HC-200 has an option to add a Pick and Place tool to the dispensing head, making the system a programmable dispenser and P&P machine in one! 

We very much like to welcome you at the stand of AAT Aston! Hall 4, booth 241.

For more information regarding the show and free ticketes, please visit: SMT Hybrid Packaging 

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