Join Nordson DIMA at Productronica, November 12-15, 2019 in Munich, Germany.

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Productronica Munich 2019

Munich, Germany

2019-11-12 - 2019-11-15

Join Nordson DIMA at Productronica, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production. Hall A2, booth number 345. November 12-15, 2019 in Munich, Germany.


The 2019 theme for Productronica is Accelerating Innovation. Following the theme Nordson DIMA will present their new Platform:

The Darco

Designed for the high end ACF Bonding and Hot Bar Reflow Soldering applications and a great solution for the highly demanding, manufacturing requirements.

The DARCO platform is based on a single, fully automated process cell, that can be used either as a single or as multiple cell and configured in all kind of In-Line solutions or in a group of different manufacturing process cells.

Offering reliable manufacturing for finest pitch applications, the highest yield and most constant quality by robotic product loading and unloading, fully automated product alignment, ACF laminating/tacking, final ACF bonding, flux dispensing options, Hot Bar reflow soldering, quality inspection, and many other features.

In today’s world, process and product data exchange is crucial for manufacturers. We link our machine process and quality inspection results to your MES product data systems. DARCO systems, designed for the future that starts tomorrow.

Additionally Nordson DIMA will demonstrate:

The C-Turn Flux

An automated stand-alone system that combines Flux Dispensing with Hot Bar Reflow Soldering. An ultimate system for high end applications, where output and quality inspection are required. A motorized, five position indexer offers high speed product handling and a guaranteed position repeatability.


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